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"The whole of the aeroplane, without any wings or front or rear end, is lying in the field and there are about 50 ambulances, a lot of firetrucks, a couple of helicopters, emergency helicopters, a lot of police, a lot of sirens.

"It wasn't really a big crash, or a loud noise because the plane isn't that far from the runway so I think it wasn't going that fast or it wasn't that high to really make a big impact."

Nikolai van der Smagt, local worker

"I saw the plane lying there in three pieces.

"The first people were just getting off the plane and they looked confused. There was a lot a dust, but no fire."

Relative at Schiphol airport
Jonathan Nip, local resident;
"l managed to speak to my children and my family who were in the plane. They said there was panic on board, incredible, people were shouting: 'Get us out of here! Get us out of here!'"

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