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    WCS 2007 #6 - Panel: A New World for Creativity?


    par CISAC

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    World Copyright Summit
    May 30-31 2007, Brussels, Belgium

    Panel: A New World for Creativity?

    (Introduction by Eric Baptiste, Director General of CISAC)

    * Glen Ballard, Producer/Songwriter and Arranger (USA)
    * Billy Bragg, Singer/Songwriter (UK)
    * José María Cano, Singer/Songwriter (Spain)
    * Mercedes Echerer, Actress, Former MEP and Director of EU XXL Film (Austria)
    * Taylor Hackford, Film Director and 3rd Vice President of the Directors Guild of America (USA)
    * Agnes Jaoui, Screenwriter, Film Director Actress and Singer (France)
    * Vittorio Storaro, Director of Photography (Italy)
    * Keith Harris, Director of Performer Affairs, PPL (UK) - Moderator