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I'll get better tomorrow (documentary, detourshenry.eu)

il y a 9 ans305 views

Victor is leaving the hospital after months of chemotherapy! From documentary 'I'll get better tomorrow', http://www.detourshenry.eu/en

DVD available at http://www.dvdoc.be

Axelle, Hugo, Kareem and Victor have a cancer. They stand up to the ordeals of the treatment with the help of their loving parents and of the medical team that is as warm-hearted as it is professional. Their struggle takes us into the world of advanced medicine, rough and sophisticated at the same time, which perform miracles but cannot accomplish everything. During a period of over 18 months, 'I’ll get better tomorrow' follows the course of the treatment, from the diagnosis to how the treatments affect the various aspects of human experience: the functioning of the body, death, revolt, gentleness and the exuberant spontaneity of childhood.

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I'll get better tomorrow (documentary, detourshenry.eu)
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