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Rainbow Tremaine (Steve Mac Donald) turns hardcore!

il y a 9 ans164 views



Taken from 1986 David Markey's "LOVEDOLLS SUPERSTAR " super-8 filmed movie (the sequel to "Desperate Teenage Lovedolls"), where Rainbow Tremaine -Johhny's twin bro- turns from a hippie into a punker. He then accidentally meets the Lovedolls who give him the idea of making a band and to be the lead singer of it because they need a band to open for their upcoming tour.
The hardcore band Anarchy 6 (spelled 'Anarchie Sixx' at the show entrance) was born, and its singer 'Chemical Warfare' ready to shout it out:
"Slam, spit, cut your hair, kill your mom!"
Rest is history... :)