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The Guardian - Points Of View (1986)

il y a 9 ans3.7K views

"An event seen from one point of view gives one impression.

Seen from another point of view it gives a quite different impression.

But it’s only when you get the the whole picture you can fully understand what’s going on."


The Skinhead 'Points of View' was produced in 1986 by The Paul Weiland Film Company for BMP (Boase Massimi Pollitt) - now rebranded as DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach).

The Guardian has hired BMP DDB, the agency behind the newspaper's award-winning "Skinhead" commercial, to handle its advertising account.

BMP was the Guardian's advertising agency in the mid-80s, when it created one of the most famous British adverts of all time for the newspaper.

The 1986 commercial featured a skinhead who appeared to be wrestling a man's briefcase from his hands. But the camera then cuts and viewers see that he is in fact trying to rescue the man from falling bricks.

The Guardian: Points Of View
Agency: The Boase Massimi Pollitt Partnership
Creative: Frank Budgen; John Webster
Director: Paul Weiland
Production: Weilands
Producer: Glynis Murray
Director of Photography: Tony Pierce-Roberts
Editor: Ian Weil
Brand: The Guardian

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The Guardian - Points Of View (1986)
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