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    Get Out (of This Town) - Mr. Bloe feat. Elton John


    by RonnieFriend

    Mr. Bloe was a group of musicians around the Dick James Music company in the late 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. Dick James was of course the music publisher for the Beatles. The group "Mr. Bloe" had also gone by the name Hookfoot, and played together with a new singer-songwriter at Dick James called Elton John. They played on several of Elton John's early recordings.

    In 1970 the group Mr. Bloe had a successful single (without the help of Mr. John) called "Grooving with Mr. Bloe". So in 1971 Dick James attempted to follow up that success with a follow-up single: "71-75 New Oxford Street". Here we have the B-side to that single. Both songs were written by Elton John and feature heavily his piano and organ playing. Although this single was released in 1971 it was probably something that had sat in the cans at Dick James Music for a while, and probably dates a year or two earlier. But that isn't known for sure. What is known is that it's a wonderful recording of some of Elton John's early piano and organ playing!