Review of Riskee CaSH eLiquid


by GM1977

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)O( hihihi This is fantastic!
By lsanenegelli5 years ago
i would question the accuracy of your statement robertangel30. Tobacco actually signals the brain to release dopamine and acetylcholine , not glucose. As for any "sweet tasting products" signaling the brain to release glucose , i find that a little suspect as well , because don't diabetics eat sugar free candy? doesn't sugar free candy have a sweet flavor? and don't diabetics eat sugar free candy to PREVENT the release of glucose into the bloodstream? i'll have to look around but i don't see any evidence that a sweet flavor will release glucose into the bloodstreem. Regardless... this is a delicious juice , thanks for watching
By GM19777 years ago
Robert Angel
I would strongly recommend staying away from any sweet tasting products because they would signal the brain to release glucose into the blood stream just like regular tobacco. High glucose in the blood is a path to faster old age and even diabetes. Good video nonetheless.
By Robert Angel7 years ago