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    Man of Fire


    by Hand_0f_Time

    Man Of Fire. Created by Hand0ftime.
    ~~This was not influenced by any book/movie/show. Was all just pure imagination~~

    Story of a Native in a Tribe of Southern Africa. His name was Raku. Days in the village were normal as always. The stories, hunts, gatherings, ceremonies. On his daily run hunting for food for the people, he stumpled upon a hole. In search of possible food, he climbs inside.

    Successfully reaching inside, he finds that he is inside of what seems to be a rather large cavern/cave. He journeys further in, gazing over the aniques and paintings of relic tribesmen. At the end, a cape lays on the ground. Raku wears it, and feels a sudden burst of energy run through his veins. He has the ability to cast fire.

    But what does the price of fire come with?