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    Cam'ron - Cookin' Up (With Intro) / NEW


    par PeteRock

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    Rich Mundo
    Politely put, this shit is Blasphemy, Got bitches on TV looking like The Joker, Telling me to live my life to the fullest everyday, I don't know yall religion, But How Yall Gone disrespect Christ, With false prophesies, When He Walking while yall riding and styling, You know Nice Homes, Nice Clothes, Family Taken Care off, Im off ths buzz, Yall listening to Bitches like Paris Hilton, Talking bout "make the devil and Angel Too", Bitch who is u, Been Enlightened, before you knew what ya pussy could do. This shit is disgusting like Fried Chicken that aint well done. After the Game I don't say Job Well Done, I said Look what Yall done, Cleaning up aint sufficient enough, I need Currency in bulk, Only Commodities that are assets, Yall sounding like FUcking Threats, And I Paid for my Mistakes, Dudes still Rapping God Body Like They the PRinciple, I been out of School, Tell a Bitch Like D.L. I don't do Recess, cause Bitch I DONT PLAY, SO THe DAY is another one in the red, HOW LONG WILL IT ..
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans