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    Hilarie Burton-Southern Gothic Productions Vlog 1 (11/02/09)


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    Hilarie Burton - Southern Gothic Productions Vlog 1 (11/02/09)

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    Hilarie explique comment elle a rencontré Nick Gray (writer of Pedestrian)

    Synopsis Pedestrian
    Lincoln Booth is a successful rags-to-riches photographer. He has the vision of a truly gifted artist. He is young and handsome. He is good with women. He has a lump. Confronted with mortality, and the realization that his world in New York is far from supportive, Lincoln decides to return home to North Carolina so he can reconcile a life he left at 15 years old. But does he really have the nerve to go back? Lincoln finds courage, and even better, a beautiful distraction, in the form of Mona Mills; a designer-label, Pedicab driving, human antidepressant. Mona, the embodiment of his over-active imagination, is in turn drawn to the mystery of Lincoln, and the challenge of cracking his self imposed isolation. After a few chance encounters, and an undeniable spark, Lincoln invites Mona on a road trip to North Carolina; an invitation she readily accepts, although naïve to the excursions real motivation. Their journey down the east coast is punctuated with colorful characters, shared vulnerability, and the hope of new possibilities. That is, until the true purpose of the trip surfaces. Feeling used and discouraged, Mona heads back to New York, forcing Lincoln to face his weaknesses alone, and remedy the choices hes made; past and present. Can he reestablish the family ties that were severed years ago? Will he find a way to get Mona back? Most importantly, does Lincoln have the strength to let down his guard and overcome his fears of love and reliance? Touching and relevant, PEDESTRIAN reminds us that we all have what it takes to be more than just a nameless face in the crowd.

    Austin Nichols (Julian) va jouer Lincoln Booth

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