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    Intermedes - Gnossienne N°1


    par Valtheape

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    I heard like a gazillion versions of this work and 99% of them simply suck.

    There was only one version/performance/interpretation of Gnossienne n°1 that was perfect - a perfection which is not a matter of technical skill. It's a matter of opening your soul, your fingers and your braveness to allow the work to breath through your soul . The one where the very soul of the work talked to the fingers of the performer and talks to the audience. I found it on YouTube and it disappeared shortly after I found it.

    This was a few years ago and now, after listening to another gazillion versions of Gnossienne n°1 I get the same vibes and feelings and I wonder, if you ever played this on a YT video that was removed?

    The end of this video is cruel, just cruel - please !!!! could you upload a video with from the first to the laste note? I am pretty sure that you are the same guy who played the best version I ever heard of this work!
    Par DalskyIl y a 2 ans
    merde ca clak !!bon mec jte ldis tt de suite ca vaut pas un Chuck ou mm un steven mais c terrible !
    Continue comme ca gro, vazy rhai sisi o tooop la famille !
    Par fabeIl y a 7 ans