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    Machines vs. Studd and Bundy


    by Stinger1981

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    Championship Wrestling was changed to Superstars in early September of 1986. Championship Wrestling had tapings only in Poughkeepsie,NY at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center and not in big arenas like this one.
    By Stinger19817 years ago
    phillip sanders
    is this really superstars? the arena looks like championship wrestling
    By phillip sanders7 years ago
    Brighat B
    It's quite sad that this was the blow-off match for the Heenan Family-Machines feud. Not a very well wrestled match. I have to admit that Blackjack Mulligan's body slam of Big John Studd was quite a feat of strength. He held him in the slam position for good long time.
    By Brighat B7 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    This is a very rare match. I can't seeing the Machines compete that much on the Superstars of Wrestling or Wrestling Challenge during their inception
    By Randy Ragsdale7 years ago