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    Wash Behind Your Buffers - Redub


    by Dan5589

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    A Sequel Redub to the Previous Redub, Cool Truckings. with Madge and the Narrow Gauge Engines are back in "Wash Behind Your Buffers".

    With the Same Voices including RaytheChameleon! (Apart from the Policeman voice sounds really different, Apoligize to DuckGWR8 because of his Absence which is I'm not sure if he would coming back and would've mind if I asked him about that, so Sorry!)

    A Country Show, Including Rheneas and Skarloey whom she was helping with her Rhyme to get them all shiny to get ready.

    However, when They were all Sparking Clean and got ready for the Parade, Madge was late and dirty when She came back to the Market Square. But as She was about to go, She Sprayed Mud All over the Two Oldest Engines!

    Now they'll need to be cleaned again! But Will they get cleaned in time?

    Find out whilst watching the Sequel! :)

    Enjoy! :)
    (Apoligize about the Quality and Bit of Glitch, JUST at the Very Begining)


    NOTE: All Things were Copyrighted to their Respected Owners