A.N.T Organization XIII Dub (2/2)

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Anthony Sardinha
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Kingdom Hearts is owned by Shinji Hashimoto, Square Electronic Arts/Disney Interactive and Square Enix. I am in no way associated with those groups. This is a fan-parody, and nothing more.

The Nobodies must find out a way to defeat the Heartless so that way they'll be able to defeat them, but who's plan will work?


AWESOME i miss u loads at youtube, create a new acc there and come back with all ur old vids and new ones too please ^^ CAPTAAAAAAAIN MOTHAFUCKIN PLANET
By Losib 5 years ago
fkcing sweet, dude XD
By goldenrocky123 5 years ago
o Gawd XD
This just made my day! And you did a GREAT axel impression! Seriously you almost sound the same!
By kirame2413 5 years ago
dude I love you, you make the best videos of kingdom hearts videos ever! xD
By XIIIUnlucky777 6 years ago