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    CCPro What are the products of WMI that the BiB markets? -


    by ccprochannel


    Hi this is Rick Gomez, MBA and Internet Marketing Consultant with Carbon Copy Pro.

    I am creating some FAQ videos about Carbon Copy Pro to answer questions about what Pro is all about and why it works...

    FAQ no 14 is

    What are the products of WMI that the BiB markets?

    The first product from WMI is the M1 Masters Program and it pays a $1000 commission to you)

    It is a financial education product that we never received in school.. it includes tax strategies, asset protection, credit banking, investments, insurance and more...

    There are 15 cd's, 5 dvd's and tons of other financial and lifestyle information... all packaged in a 3 ring binder and including 6 work books..

    There are also 10 alliances to use in setting the financial foundation you need to get your financial house in order... we have alliances with CPA's, planners, tax lawyers who all have experience in working with high net worth individuals..

    The M1 Masters program retails for $1995.

    If you would like to learn more about Carbon Copy Pro and how we can help you start your own online marketing system...

    please sign up for more information at my site... or call me directly...

    I look forward to speaking with you...

    Take care,