5'x5" 19 1/4" Redux - Lost Enterprises

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In the winter of 96/97 while everyone was riding 61" thrusters featuring Slaters elf shoe rocker, and long before the "retro fish" craze, two kids attacked the North Shore and beyond on 55" twin fins. The subsequent action and other oddities ended up being patched and edited into the 1997 Lost surf movie 55 x 19 1/4".

What started out as an addendum of random recent fish clips has turned into a Magnus opus of epic proportion. Over 8, 10, or 12 years in the making comes 55" x 19 1/4" REDUX. Starring Chris Ward, Aaron Cormican, and Mason Ho putting sub 56" boards to their limits. Also featuring sections from Shane Beschen, Kolohe Andino, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Ryan Carlson and Ol Mr. Sl9er himself.

...and for the first time ever seen, Cory Lopez and Ian Walsh weaving through some of the longest tubes ever captured on video at Surfer Magazine dubbed The Holy Grail of Surf Scores.

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§looll .Great ;)
Par isobel951 il y a 4 ans