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    Miroirs de Vie (Mirror of Life) 2


    by jerui

    The dance starts with a rite to purify the space, followed by the slow and solemn entrance of the spirits from the other world. The leading goddess reminiscent of Mazu, symbolically shepherds the souls to cross the straits. The stage represents a doorway connecting the two diametrically opposed worlds of yin and yang. A basin of water with towel and some face powder serve to purify the bride and her lost heart, and represent a warm welcome to the living world. The implication of water leads up to the first climax “recollection” and resonates throughout the play. As each looks in the mirror of life, his or her past is reflected momentarily, eliciting a variety of emotions and memories. Finally, lotus-shaped water lanterns symbolizing samsara, the eternal cycle of life-death-rebirth, guide the spirits to the last scene of complete extinction in which everything is burned to ashes. With the help of the merciful chant of sutra, the wandering, homeless souls can find peace.