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    TRF Mugen Special: Tiger Woods pwns cheapies #5


    by Brendon

    Tiger Woods enters a church for his fifth battle of cheapies. Today's four victims are: Evil Ryu (Reubenkee): The second cheapest of reubenkee's creations, Evil Ryu is still tough. He has an invicible dash, powerful haoukens and more stuff. Shin Chun Li (???): This cheap edit of Chun Li has many invincibility frames and a rolling dodge which she uses the most to avoid attacks. She spams hadoukens, a spammy kicking super leaving little openings for you. Captain Caveman (Telechy): This is DDR's cheapest creation as he has little cooldown time, sloppy CLSN's and uses supers whenever he can. Adolf Hitler (Garionfield): Like Omega Tom Hanks, Adolf Hitler was invincible till Garionfield edited him to be beatable. He has Nazi posters, an exploding instant killer and a bunch of overpowered supers.