2008 Experiments

David Brauer
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My experiments of various film techniques (most being stop motion animation) from 2008.
Expression Experiment - changing out LEGO heads to give an impression of changing expression (a rhyme)
Flight Test - horrible attempt at a cheap blue screen type effect
Pentax Experiment - testing a Pentax camera
Invisible '57 - just watch for this one
Turning Experiment - turning of the 'camera' while employing stop motion animation
Sword Test - sword moves
Stacking & Rotation (no title card) - I just wanted to do something without minifigs
Helmet Test - taking off a helmet
Table Top Walking Test - minifig walk without studs
Colour Changes & Eyes Appearing in Walls - what that says
Sinking Experiment - sinking...
Green Isolation, Minifig Walk, and Slope Creature Experiment - isolating green colours, another minifig walk, and trying the slope creatures as seen in 'The Magic Portal'

Obviously, I got better in 2008. I would do this for 2007 as well, but I started doing film in that year and I only had two experiements.
I'm planning on doing this annually from now on...