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    Ray Miller & His Orchestra - Blue Butterfly


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    Athough lesser known today, in the 1920's Miller had one of the best and most popular orchestras. In 1916 he formed his first band called the "Black and White Melody Boys", playing in the style of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. During the early 20's he gradually became very successful with numbers following the latest musical trends. By then, he exclusively recorded for Brunswick. Many of the best jazz musicians played in his band, as shows the personnel list stated below. This wonderful side (composer featured on the second photograph), was recorded in 1929. The vocalist remained uncredited. We hear leader Ray Miller on drums. The rest of the instrumentists included: Larry Abbott, Jim Cannon, Jim Welton, Bernard Daly and Volly de Faut, clarinet and alto saxophone; Bill Paley and Ward Archer, drums; Rube Bloom, piano; Miff Mole, Tom Brown, Andy Sindelar and Jules Fasthoff, trombone; Jules Cassard, tuba and bass; Louis Chassagne, tuba; Max Connett, Earl Oliver, Charles Rocco, Lloyd Wallen and Roy Johnston, trumpet; Harry Reser, Frank DiPrima and Gus Lazaro, banjo; Lewis Epstein, bass saxophone and drums; Art Gronwall, piano and arranger; Leon Kaplan, banjo and guitar; Paul Lyman, violin; Maurice Morse, alto saxophone; Carl Orech, Lyle Smith and Billy Richards, tenor saxophone; Andy Sannella, reeds; Phil Saxe, clarinet, tenor saxophone and violin; Mugsy Spanier, cornet; Frank Trumbauer, C-melody saxophone and reeds, as well as Dan Yates, violin.