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    by ODN



    Samuel Dachet
    I'm scared as hell WTF is that shitty video? Why is it "OFFICIAL" content? Maybe cause we live in a fucked world were disinformation is queen...fck that
    By Samuel Dachet6 years ago
    That is so wrong.
    Rick Simpson made it into Oil here in Canada growing it on his land he gave this medicine freely to all for 4 years and cured Cancers, Diabetes and other Diseases.
    The list is growing, I know becasue I was progressively worsening for years and in less then 2 weeks of eating it my whole life was changed.
    My Doctors couldn't do anything except give me more and more pills.
    Now I am healed and I share this Truth with all.
    By Covey696 years ago
    That'd be hilarious if the people that made it weren't actually serious... That's a completely jacked way to portray cannabis. I've been growing and using it for about 7 years now and I'm not only one of the more knowledgeable medical cannabis caregivers in the state, I'm a full-time college student in Architecture... So, in the true U.S. fashion, I say, "Go screw yourselves you pathetic British fools!"
    (Brits are cool, their govt. is definitely not... like ours.
    By zlessley6 years ago