The Sacred Oath (Ralph Buckley)

Ralph Buckley

by Ralph Buckley

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"If we bring our doubts and fears to the mirror." explained the Jester.
"Then surely this is what the reflection will return."

"You see...if the world & everything in it is likened to a mirror, then we shall reflect the state of mind that we bring to it."
"I think the world is truly ripe & ready to reflect the change it wants to become...!"

Has revealed to us by the ancient texts and again in more modern times through the science of quantum mechanics...we have observed that our world is, in it's essence...a reflection of our inner thoughts & beliefs.....what the observer brings to the table will be the reality that he perpetuates.
Through the 'placebo effect' we can surmise that the power of the belief, or the power of our mind has the ability to heal or change our physical bodies....nay even the matter around us.

Though it feels as if there is about to occur a 'cosmic showdown'...literally a apocalyptic war between the powers of good and evil...it feels that at the same time there is an extraordinary awakening occurring among the sheeple. Something that has a life all of it's own. There is no charasmatic 'leader' of this movement...rather it is an awakening that is happening within every individual. All that is required is the presence of mind to be still.....and listen. (So turn off the tv & computers)

It is written that the darkest hour is before the dawn....and this is truly the darkest moment of spirituality in human history.
I think that all of the people in the world are ready to reflect the awakening in their spirits.........for all the world to see!!!

December 21st, 2012

Something is going to happen that hasn't happened in 26,000 years.

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