Don Bestor & His Orchestra - Just Because You're You


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This excellent orchestra turns out to be almost the only one to have recorded this tune (full title: Just Because You're You, That's Why I Love You), so I'm delighted to present it in a third posting. During the 20's, Don Bestor led one of the hottest bands around, the Benson Orchestra of Chicago. In the 1930's, however, like most orchestras, he evoluated towards a sweeter style. This lovely record was made -in 1932. Vocal by Neil Buckley. Further personnel included: Don Bestor, piano and leader; Jack Forsythe, clarinet and alto saxophone; Floyd Griswold and Eugene Huls, banjo; John Hibner, alto saxophone; Walter Payne, alto and baritone saxophone; Joe Quartell, trombone; Ray Raymond, cornet; Ray Rohle, drums; James Roth, bass brass; Guy Shrigley, clarinet and tenor saxophone, as well as Charles Yontz, trumpet.

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Thank you; I know you like Bestor's Best Songs, especially the moon-themed ones :-)
Par kspm0220s Il y a 6 ans
Yes, refined and FUN!
Par Genia Il y a 6 ans
Thank you :-)
Par kspm0220s Il y a 6 ans
Yes, this indeed has a refined and elegant sound.
Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129) Il y a 6 ans
Thank you. I have to say I'm very pleased with the refined sound of this orchestra.
Par kspm0220s Il y a 6 ans
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