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    Left 4 Dead-Just the Two Of Us :P


    by ArtFart88

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    This is a fan-made video of clips from the awesome game, "Left 4 Dead" created by Valve. I came up with the idea when me and my friend were playing Left 4 Dead, and it was just my friend and I playing, since our partners sucked. Anyways, all of the clips I used can be found on YT, and here are the people whose videos I used in mine:


    Just the two of us-Bill Withers

    Nujabes-Counting Stars (the Nujabes song at the end is sampled from the Gerege Bensons song affirmation)


    Injecti0n-Left 4 Dead-100 witches

    Shallkid-Left 4 Dead all survivors dead inless then 20 sec

    dissectional3-Tank Scare then fail

    Loart-The greatest smoker tag

    Grubster11-This is why Left 4 dead needs a drop button

    Cann1balC0rpse-Who let this brat play Left 4 Dead

    ro0kie42-Louis get that hunter yareking-Left 4 dead No mercy fun glitch

    Giganticass-Left 4 Dead Elevator Amusement

    MarphitimusBlackimus-Left 4 Dead-Elevator Surprise

    Criken2-Left 4 Dead Funny Moments of Getting Owned Montage Part 1

    ManVsBear-Left 4 Dead-Ridiculous Hunter Pounces

    Tamiss-L4D Bouncing smoker and hunter

    TheYoungScot-Left 4 Bed

    miask8er-L4D-LOL Smoker

    WhoDaresGrin-L4D-Revive Glitch

    AKNgo-[BStS] No one hunts the smoker

    MarphitimusBlackimus-Left 4 Dead-Short Round and Brilliant Bot AI

    kaz0lace-Greatest Left 4 Dead players In the World

    Froggeryz-Funny elevator bug in Left4Dead

    moeparker-Zoey uses Francis

    LukeNervous-Funny double team kill on left 4 dead

    simzboy-6 year old on left 4 dead

    4pphighlights-Juan The Smoker Master (L4D)

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