Cam'ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio Prelude


par PeteRock

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Cam'ron I Used To Get It In Ohio Prelude

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It did not play try this link
Par placidpan40quj en octobre
Im on the school bus with freddy, Last I heard Proactiv work better than the Navy, So tell the warriors shit aint gravy, Got show UP and Watch Me Show out, Cam Throw the Diamond up one more time, not for J but for James, Let that Dude Fuck Beyonce, I guess he need it, beat it, then eat it, Me I Mouthwash the Bitch, then Tell her to Spit, I man handle the tool, then tell her to smell that, That Seed don't even smell like Me, These Niggas Disney, Worse than the Mouse, So Bring em to my House, Thats Duvall, We Don't Fall, and If not the Diamond For James, do it for the Sur trece and Norte Catorce truce, I be the Truth, The Real Rich Richer and Richest, So tell these niggas I get it in with New York on Sundays, Texas fucking with me for 7 days, aint one left to repent, So I guess yall get it like that, Asked Uribe why he shit on me, He said Cause Obama Shit On Me, So as we speak no Hope or Change, Going back to back in the Days, Fuck Chicago except when Sofia Playing It!
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans
Uncle Larry fuck that ragedy ass truck SHit!
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans