Honor Killing In Texas Muslim Father Kills His Daughters!


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No More Honor Killings is a WWW.TRUTHTUBE.TV Initiative to highlight and expose the plight of our Muslim Sisters that live in constant fear of losing their lives by honor killing over the most trivial of "Perceived offenses" Needless to say that ALL Honor Killings are totally unacceptable under any circumstances, Period. Please support our efforts by contacting the media, Islamic Nation Embassy's and voicing your deep concern regarding "Honor killings" Please don't wait, do it now.
Thank You.

My name is Selina and I'm living in Italy at the moment. My mother is Muslim by birth and my father is an atheist. My mother was born in Afghanistan and at the age of 19 her parents, my grand parents fled to the West. My Mom is very active in trying to improve the lives of women in Afghanistan. And I am doing likewise. Please support us by campaigning against Muslim Honor Killings!

If you would like to contact me, please do not hesitate e-mail me at: nomorehonorkilling@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.truthtube.tv