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    Skin Care Regimen / Tutorial


    by RenRen

    Description: Hi Guys, Check out my skin care regimen video…my most requested video to date.. I’m not wearing any makeup in the video (except some smudged liner I tried to remove) so you can what my skin looks like. Check out the video highlights! 1:24 Skin care Regimen - Makeup Remover 2:22 Step 1. Facial Cleanser 3:09 Step 2. Tone 3:50 Step 3. Moisturizing 5:21 Sunscreen – A Skin care Regimen Must! 5:56 More contest prizes! 6:42 Don’t forget about the lashes! 7:05 Moisturize the lips! 7:23 Exfoliate 1-2 times a week 7:54 Pore strips! 8:24 Use a mask Check out for a complete entry on my Skin care and more!