FT Island - Bad Woman [romanizations + eng sub]


by kingalexielle24

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i've sub this vid for "twistedstarspro"

i've just finished subbing and saving it last Feb 9, 2009 11:00pm [my time]
and because i'm lazy i've just uploaded it today ^^

btw "lily_hime" is my officemate... since i couldn't find translations for this song i've asked her to translate it for me... and i think she did a great job...and because she loves FT ISLAND too this mv is dedicated to her ^^

now my spazz... Wonbin [correct me in a good way if i am wrong] left the group i don't know what's the reason...so this is their first vid/mv without Wonbin [i forgot the name of the new member mianhae]... Some angles of the girl in the mv kind a creeps me out... [sorry i scare easily]

PLEASE NOTE: all of my vids are also uploaded to my "YOUTUBE" account/channel...
and reuploading them to another site is a definite NO NO!!!

now enjoy...