Strike Force vs The Hart Foundation-WWF Tag Team Titles


by TSteck160



They need to release this match in its entirety on DVD.
By Randy Ragsdale 6 years ago
Yo, if anybody has any matches between the Hart Foundation and Strike Force, PLEASE UPLOAD THEM! MSG, Boston Garden, PHILLY, I DON'T CARE! I want to see some house show matches between these two teams, because I know they were running shit on the house show circuit when they feuded.
By Randy Ragsdale 6 years ago
As much as I like Hogan, I agree they could have send this interview anytime in the show. You don't have to do it during a match.
By Unknown.. 6 years ago
It might've, but Hogan had the title for 4 years at that point and it was a bigger deal than the Strike Force/Harts match.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
That was Dumb! Highlighting Hogan's Whining that would have been booed today. The Harts and Martel and Chico deserved more air time.
By Tony Gilley 6 years ago
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