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    Christopher Hitchens Racist


    by jackgrantham1

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    Christopher Hitchens can be heard here making a Racist Comment on BBC Radio 4 on the "Any Answers" Program on Saturday 17 January 2009 which was recorded in Washington USA.No apology for his behavior was made by either the BBC ,Jonathan Dimbleby or Christopher Hitchens.
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    This incidence of schoolboy racist humor was picked up by Jack Grantham, who put together the YouTube clip above with some very familiar images and brought the offense to our attention. I must say it amazes me that the BBC can allow this sort of thing to pass with giggles of approval and no apologies by anyone involved, while at the same time they can't even bring themselves to carry an appeal for humanitarian aid for the Palestinian refugees in Gaza. More than this, the entire episode seems to have been scripted rather than spontaneous, as is often the case with radio broadcasts. If this is the case, it means that the scriptwriter, director, presenter, questioner and associated staff, as well as the Drink-Soaked One himself, were all perfectly happy to make a lame racist joke for the express purpose of rounding off a light-hearted radio show. What next for Hitch and the Beeb, one wonders? Jokes about cotton fields? Concentration camps? Dwellers of the jungles or deserts? Aids sufferers? The malnourished and starving? The visually, physically, mentally and chromosomally handicapped? People with slitty eyes? Or are the Irish now to be singled out for special treatment?

    Hitch is a hopeless case, and If I may venture to guess at his response to being called on this, it would probably be somewhere along the lines of "Don't be such a Lesbian!" But we should demand higher standards of the BBC. Agreed?