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    Mike Tyson daily training routine

    Walter, Victor

    par Walter, Victor

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    C'est l'entrainement de mike tyson
    Il a changé par la suite (après 1990 il me semble)

    • 5am: Wake up and go for a 3 mile jog
    • 6am: Back home for a shower and then back to bed (great workout for those huge legs of his)
    • 10am: Wake up and eat oatmeal
    • 12pm: Do ring work (10 rounds of sparring)
    • 2pm: Eat another meal (steak and pasta with fruit juice drink)
    • 4pm: More ring work and 60 mins on the exercise bike (again working those legs for endurance and

    • 5pm: Floor exercises: 2000 sit ups; 500-800 'dips'; 500 press ups and 500 shrugs with a 30kg barbell

    and 10 mins of neck exercises (working the biceps, triceps, chest, abs and shoulders)
    • 7pm: Eat steak and pasta meal again with fruit juice (probably orange juice)
    • 8pm: Another 30 minutes on the exercise bike
    • 9:30 Watch TV and then go to bed