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    "ABOUT THREE MINUTES A DAY with Sean & Fenny" #2

    Sean Alexander Crespo

    by Sean Alexander Crespo

    Comedian and'er Sean Crespo is starting off 2009 in between writing and acting jobs. Fortunately, he has a new, wonderful puppy he's completely in love with named Fenchurch, Fenny for short, to keep him busy. Unfortunately she has now become a full time job that doesn't pay. She's a handful. He's a jerk. They're cops. Ok, they're not cops, but they both seem to thrive off of annoying one another. As often as he can, Sean will be posting these 3 minute slices of what life is like as a stay-at-home "dad" forced to take care of a new puppy who's as dedicated to being a nuisance as he is. MANCHILD VS. PUPPY...It's on. Distributed by Tubemogul.