Would YOU Drink This? Charity: Water

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Today on Mahalo Daily, iJustine, Ben Morrison, Leah D'Emilio, and Lon Harris head down to the streets of Santa Monica and ask people if they would drink dirty water - just like the 1.1 billion people world wide who have to every day due to poor sanitation and zero access to clean, safe water. In the spirit of Twestival this Thursday, February 12 to benefit Charity: Water, they find that no one wants to drink dirty water and no one should have to. Check out these sites for more information: http://www.givewaterla.org/ http://twestival.com/ http://www.charitywater.org/ Check out more from iJustine, Ben, Leah, Lon, Causecast and Mahalo Daily! http://tastyblogsnack.com/ http://benmorrison.org/ http://thedealiowithdemilio.blogspot.com/ http://crushedbyinertia.blogspot.com/ http://www.causecast.org/ http://www.mahalodaily.com/