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    Andrew Quinn

    by Andrew Quinn



    music and video perfect together......not sure how i ran into your work, but love it....
    By rkswarhol7 years ago
    david morgan
    yeah I thanks; was able to post on FB. Like it more and more. Will probably actively send out to FB friends. Uplifting melody leading to toned down lyrics is just masterful. As one friend said "You can jam out and chill out at the same time!"
    By david morgan7 years ago
    Andrew Quinn
    I'm glad you liked it!

    you can check out the band here
    If you paste the "embeddable player" url on your facebook it should show up.
    By Andrew Quinn7 years ago
    david morgan
    Inspirational content; and what a fabulous singer! possible to put on facebook profile?
    By david morgan7 years ago