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    Manifesting your spirituality by learning how to manifest po

    Most persons are aware of both their positive and their negative qualities, feeling that perhaps they need to manifest more positive qualities such as peace, love, patience, humility and gratitude to mention a few. The challenge is that when we see our negative qualities, we tend to feel frustrated, weak and useless. Self-confidence and self-esteem are lowered, the effects of which spill over into our personal and business life.

    Distinctions between good and bad qualities are actually made in the limited and subjective mind; therefore, you would want to concentrate on your positive heartfelt qualities to further develop them. Your good qualities are ever present: your love of beauty, peace, light and harmony. Choose the qualities you wish to keep to the fore - your imperfections or your strengths.

    Concentrate only on your good qualities, those that align with the highest in you, your soul. Replace your so-called bad qualities when they show themselves by inwardly repeating the name of the opposite positive quality. In other words, when anger shows its face in your consciousness, repeat the quality of peace, peace, peace.