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    CompUSA: ZIP Express Installation (1-Min)


    by ComputerTV

    ZIP Express Installation:
    Professional consultation: they’ll assess your desired placement for your TV's mounting bracket and make certain the wall structure is sound for mounting. Bracket installation: they’ll install your pre-purchased mounting bracket to your standard wood, drywall or masonry wall. Mount television: once the bracket is secured to the wall, they’ll mount your flat-panel TV on the bracket. Connections: they’ll hook up your video components like a cable box, a DVD player, Video game system and plug everything in so you will be ready to start enjoying your beautifully mounted TV. Wire management: they’ll conceal wires in your standard frame wall and make sure you don't have a mess of wires hanging below your TV. If your wall won’t allow wire fishing, they’ll provide a paintable wire molding to conceal wires. Validation: they’ll confirm that everything is functioning properly and make sure you're totally satisfied with their service. Cleanup: they’ll remove all debris from the installation site so your house will be as clean as when the installers arrived. Appointment date: if expedited service is not purchased, your installation appointment will be scheduled to the hour and completed 5 days from purchase date.