Europe is under attack!!

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25% of French kids under 12 are Arabs today, Arabs have 25-60% unemployment, 70% of prisonners in Europe are Arabic, Arabs are the number one group which takes in government aid, welfare and other socialist form of payments while they pump out 4.4 kids per couple on average, not to mention both legal and illegal immigration. 68% of them agree with Jihad, terrorism and hate democracy, Jews, "infidels" (meaning you and me)... they despise human rights, our values, our history...

Muslims call our lands Dar-al Harb... the house of WAR!!!

Islam has been at war with the West for 30 years, and we don't even ackowledge this fact, thus we are losing.


do you think that europe has civilisation? i don't think so!
By oeildelion 6 years ago
oh mon DIEU l'europe est under attack, cachez vous et creusez des trous assez profond!!!quel propagonde à deux bals, on crois rever des fois,

c'est qui qui est under attack les pays musulmans et les musulmans ou bien l'europe,
les morts et les innocents tués et torturés sont ou? en europe??
le monsenge et le complot se retourneront contre vous et celui qui cri aux loups attire les lions...
By CMOI 6 years ago