Chemtrail Operations over the midwest on Fri. 2/6/09

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I was watching the skies on Fri. and saw the muther fluckers, flucking up the sky again and the natural sunshine. This really pisses me off since it was the first day I have seen a clear sky in weeks and the muther fluckers ruined it, by spraying their flucking crap in the air and ending a really nice sunshine day.
Then I wake up turn on the weather channel and get the Flashes in morning. They forcast no rain and within hours of Zapping the Region, Rain clouds appeared and started raining with-in a couple of hours, them pricks say the concept of geo-engineering - deliberately manipulating the climate to counter the effects of climate change - received little traction in the scientific community; it was too risky, politically unacceptable, even downright loopy. Today, a growing number of scientists are calling for a Plan "B", not as an alternative to curbing our emissions, but as a safety net for disaster.

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It never stops. Who are these "people"? and why do they think they are immune to it? muther fluckers is putting it mildly! I want their heads on a stake!
By skywatcher007 5 years ago