UncleVic for impossible deals on Electronics & PC's.


by viconline

I'm Uncle Vic, your gadget go-to guy, your hookup for impossible deals on PC's and electronics. I was sick of seeing good people pay too much for top notch products so I leveraged my long (decades) relationships with major manufacturers and created UncleVicOnline.com. Everyone loves big flat screen TV's, and other cool consumer electronics and I want to help you get them ridiculously low prices!

I don't have a huge variety of products. What I do have is huge discounts on hot items. So check out www.uncleviconline.com but if you see something you like you better act fast because hot items move fast!

Want to name your first child Vic because you got such a sweet deal on a 60" plasma TV? give me a call at (888) 3-UncleVic. , or shoot me an email to: hey@unclevic.com. If I don't answer it because I'm out finding impossible deals.