Megamasso - Raiden Mushufu [Digital Single]


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★ Digital single: ライデンムシュフシュ (raiden mushufu)
★ Released: 28.01.2009

★ Official Site:

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you did it for me ?! Oh you so nice that I can not believe you !! Thank !! Thank !!Thank !! my precious friend !!
Par Fukui Manabu il y a 5 ans
Megamasso (メガマソ) is a Japanese indie band of the visual kei variety signed under NXSIE Records. Their sound is lively and upbeat, similar to Ayabie, with a unique mix of punk, piano ballads, and pop-rock.
Megamasso was formed by Ryōhei, ex-guitarist of Ayabie. He recruited members relatively new to music to produce a fresh, new sound. Their first mini-album, Namida Neko, released on December 6th, was distributed through LIKE AN EDISON shops in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya.
MEMBERS: Ryōhei, Inzargi and Gou.
Par Կ.Մ. il y a 5 ans
j'aime bien ^^
c'est cool
Par 伊曼 il y a 5 ans
who are they ?!
Par Fukui Manabu il y a 5 ans