Feedback Tree 1

Viktor Furiani

by Viktor Furiani

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Interactive video installation

Video Feedback Tree is an interactive video installation. It reacts to the movement of public, dancers, performers, painting, video... The installation uses these visual participations for building a visual fractal system.
One of the originality of this system is the non-necessary using of a computer. Cameras and video-projectors only build a living and complex system, in perpetual evolution, what can catch all the evolution of light, public, artists, video...
These variations are cordoned on universal forms, present in a lot of cultures on the Earth. From jungles of South America to the desert of Australia, in the big cities like in countries, humans draw it, paint it, use it since the origin of visual representations of the universe to the last digital artworks.
So, a video feedbacks experience crosses the cultural and educative differences, everybody could understand why it can use the video system. It's almost a question of sensibility, and curiosity.

And the strangest thing about Feedback Tree is the fact than without computer or digital system, it has a memory. It could learn and generate new forms if public and artists make right movements, for many hours or days.

Video Feedback Tree is made for public, and sometime the participation of artists. It is easy to use: a kid of 5 years old can control the video evolutions. Public don't need explanations. The installation is like a game: people could control the generation of universal forms without controllers except his own body. For a more rich experience, it could be mixed with video from a DVD player or a computer (for visual performances). Few peoples could try together the control of the Feedback Tree.


geniale continu
By SCAROUF1 6 years ago
bravo, j'aime beaucoup
By misterymix 6 years ago
c mon préféré ,BRAVO bon clip, bon inspiration plastique ,on avent tout, ZZID.
By ZZID 6 years ago
si tu savait comme ca me detend ;) merci pour cette superbe video bizous nad
By Vj nad 6 years ago
mon avatar serait une abeille?
et puis les roues de l'Univers...
bravo,la classe!
By Regis Danse 6 years ago
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