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    Similarities for Peace !!!

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    With the threat of Israeli Military Strikes against Iran becoming more and more likely… I believe it is important to focus on the similarities of those two countries… and in particular… the people who inhabit them !

    Life is precious… and unless we can learn to display tolerance and respect toward each other… the potentially catastrophic outcome of a war between Israel and Iran is probably all that we human beings deserve !!!

    I believe that each of us, as part of the family of man, should be doing everything we possibly can to ensure our differences are settled by peaceful means… and that any action which threatens the lives of innocent people, and that can potentially lead to the destruction of our planet, should be viewed with utter contempt by the entire International Community !

    The world needs to unite ‘now’ in opposition to any country being in possession of Weapons that threaten the future of our children… and Nuclear Bombs most certainly have that potential.

    For Israel (who itself is reportedly in possession of hundreds of Nuclear Weapons… and who is guilty of numerous human rights abuses against the Palestinian People) to take Military Action against Iran (who has the potential of acquiring Nuclear Weapons, and who is also guilty of numerous human rights abuses) is ‘hypocrisy’ to say the least !!!

    No country that is guilty of human rights abuses should be permitted to possess Weapons of Mass Destruction… and unless we as an International Community, work together toward ensuring the ‘peaceful’ disarmament of those weapons… we are contributing toward the demise of our children’s future !

    One People… One World… for Peace !
    ‘Power’ to we the people !!!