(¯`v´¯) PEACE and LOVE (¯`v´¯)

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Peace and love are brought to you by http://www.fillyourheart.com in this inspiring, relaxing and uplifting video: Beautiful landscapes and scenery from all over the world, romantic music by Pachelbel, blend all together to feature our most popular love words in many different languages! This is the preview of a higher quality, downloadable screen saver that reminds us that love is expressed internationally and should be our unique inspiration for peace and unity on Earth!...Dream or meditate while the words "I love you" appear in:
brazilian: eu te amo,
bulgarian: obicham te,
chinese: ngo oiy ney ain, or wo ai ni,
catalan: t'estim molt,
croatian: volim te,
czech: miluji te,
danish: jeg elsker dig,
english: I love you,
farsi: tora dost daram,
filipino: mahal kita,
finnish: rakastan sinua,
french: je t'aime,
french-canadian: sh'teme,
german: ich liebe dich,
greek: s'agapo,
hindi: mai tumse pyar karti hoon, -pyar karta hoo,
hungarian: szeretlek,
irish: taim i'ngra leat,
italian: ti amo,
japanese: aishiteru,
jewish: ani ohev otach, or ani ohevet otcha,
korean: saranghae,
navajo: ayor anosh'ni,
norwegian: jeg elsker deg,
polish: kocham ciebie,
portuguese: amo-te,
romanian: te iubesc,
russian: ya tebya liubliu,
slovenian: ljubim te,
spanish: te quiero,
swedish: jag alskar dig,
swiss-german: ch'ha di ga'rn,
thai: phom rak khun, or ch'an rak khun,
turkish: seni seviyorum,
ukrainian: ya tebe kahayu...
If you like it, as part of the profits made through fillyourheart.org are given to good causes, please share it to your beloved ones and post your comments ! THANKS from the deep of our heart and Peace and Love to you :-)

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waaaaw....c trop beau l'amour, un sentiment....simple et trop grand pour etre explique....
Por Hamzatis Koko hace 6 años