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    Sea Safari Alterface CinemAction Interactive Theater


    par Alterface

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    Visitors are guided to the first room, surrounded by a highly accurate recreation of the scenery of a marine base. There, via a videoconference, the editor-in-chief of a magazine gives them a mission. They will become undersea photo-reporters, tasked with taking the most beautiful photos of the rarest fish.

    The group heads for the immersion room. Here two new hosts welcome them: the friendly but slightly grumpy mechanic and Kookie, the robot-camera. Kookie will guide the photo-reporters, perched on their moving ecoscooters, over the bottom of the sea.

    During this visual and audio immersion in a beautifull 3D world, the bottom of the sea changes and the most extraordinary creatures appear in front of the players cameras. Since this is entertainment in the form of a competition, each photo is awarded points. Photos are scored on the rarity of the fish and how good the photos look. At the end, the best reporter is projected on the screen captured in full action and the editor-in-chief then congratulates him or her.