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    How to Download/Copy a DVD (rip a DVD) to your Computer usin


    by ApplianTechnologies

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    Learn how to copy/download/rip DVDs to your PC with with Replay Converter.

    In this video you will learn how to:

    Take any DVD and copy/download/rip it to your PC using Replay Converter.

    Replay Converter is the easiest way to convert video and audio files, especially the ones you can download from web sites like YouTube and it's great for ripping DVDs too.

    You simply put the DVD in your DVD drive, click on "Add DVD" and then click "Go". Everything happens automatically.

    Replay Converter uses top-of-the-line codecs, to ensure the highest quality output. This makes Replay Converter especially good for these tasks:
    -Convert FLV to DVD
    -Burn Video files to DVD Discs.
    -Convert Video files to FLV, AVI or WMV for editing or playback on other devices.
    -Rip Video from DVD's
    -Create iPod-friendly Video and Audio m4a, m4b, m4v files.
    -Create MP3 files from Videos.
    -And more!

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