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    Pallivilakku -


    by neelaearth

    Pallivilakku- the sacred lamps :
    This month, we take you to Cheriyanad, a small village near Chengannur in Alappuzha. Located here is the ancient Subrahmania temple, famous for its Purappadu festival which features special lamps called Pallivilakku. Thousands of lamps will be lighted on the intricate wooden chariot-like lamp posts, which can be moved on wheels.
    The shells of Marotti (Hydnocarpus pentandra) fruit will be filled with natural oil to light lamps on these huge moving posts. They will be lighted simultaneously with the spectacular procession of the prime deity, Lord Subrahmania. To add to the splendour of the ritual, some parts of the post will be rotated fast, with the lamps still shining on them.
    There will be as much as eleven chariots, contributed by the surrounding villages. The festival is one of those rare events in which such a large number of lamps are featured.
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