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    FreddyG_Wantedloc IMperial Beach Streets - Crackin w Wanted

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    IMperial Beach Streets - Crackin w Wanted Loc & Freddy Gee & arch Nemasis

    Much Love To National City Streets, Mira Mesa Streets, North County Crews Tyd and West Coast Certified, also So Fresh and Kieto entertainment and Dripnwet J.E. Sincere.. Gotta Love Magic City and DJ Kuest and Especially DOuble Duce and the Homies slush, G NASTy and I love Tipzy ent. and all the Homies arock and z90 and 923.3 93.3 and 98.9 chris loos and dj Jsmooth and Dyse clothing and ruen Close. props to Young Sicc and mr.shadow and Lil uno.Special JimRock "For the Homies" Jan.2009 Streets of Sd. Daygo Video and the Original hilltop High Bros b4 Hoes bbh crew is in this video. and the Dope game section.. 3 videos in one.. and the first video is a little something special for the streets. some hard stuff to really show Sd.. I love this city.