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    Tier 8 Armor Sets - Preview


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    Tier 8 Armor Sets - Preview

    - Only the Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Rogue (Female), and Priest sets are currently in the game files. The other sets are just not here.

    - We call them Tier 8 armor because they're labeled as the "G" sets in the game files. Basically the warlock set is named RaidWarlock_G_, RaidWarlock_A_ is the Tier 1 set, B Tier 2, etc ... Obviously G should be the 7th tier but this one reused the old tier 3 "C" models.

    - Most of these models have been here since the beta, they might not be representative anymore of what the final sets will look like in Patch 3.1. Wait a few more weeks before complaining about it.

    - No, there isn't any music or sound.