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    The Emerging Area Of Cosmetic Pharmacology


    by lalalizardlou

    There is a recently growing development in the field of psychiatry that not everyone likes. Like numerous other trends that have emerged from other fields, this development sees medications and methods normally used solely to help the sick being used on the perfectly healthy. Theoretically, this would not do any harm and actually improve the condition of the healthy person undergoing the treatment. In terms of mental health, the trend is known as cosmetic pharmacology.

    Cosmetic pharmacology is the term used to refer to the practice of healthy people taking medications used for conditions like depression or anxiety, and using those drugs for something other than their formal pathology. Typically, the drugs are used to achieve some sort of enhancing effect on the cognitive abilities of the person in question. Many cases report the depression medication Prozac as seeing common use, and anecdotal evidence suggested that the people taking them seemed “better than well.” However, it is worth noting that the Food and Drug Administration, and the medical field in general, has never been a very big fan of using drugs in this manner.