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    Milton Friedman The Path to Global financial crisis 2008


    by khallaghi

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    01:01 That is very shady! If you know where that pic came from and still knew what he was talking about, yet you still posted it, than this vid is as shady as the real people who caused the 2008 crisis.
    By amedina6505 years ago
    Agreed with dogcow69; I think there is much demagoguery to it.
    What’s more, this video seems to insinuate that Milton Friedman or his ideas are somehow responsible for world hunger and the war in Iraq, but gives absolutely no evidence with regards to this claim; as a matter of fact, two essential reasons for hunger in Africa — put apart speculation on food products, which I concede adds to the problem — is their corrupt political class and the lower mean IQ of the local populations, and Milton Friedman was opposed to the war in Iraq.
    By SniperMaske6 years ago
    1. Friedman quote "I don't believe in democracy" is put way out of context, he continued it to say that democracy means if 51% of people think the other 49% should be killed than that is OK. Democracy is mob rule. Most countries (including USA) are not democracies but constitutional republics or some other form of limited democracy.

    2. Friedman did not support government bailouts of private industry in any way and publicly spoke out against them throughout his life.

    3. Friedman had nothing to do with the Chilean coup after the coup he gave some lectures and advised Pinochet on how to control the inflation. He suggested freeing the economy in hopes that it would eventually lead to a free society there, WHICH IT DID. He also gave the same advise to Deng Xiaoping in china, which has lead to the improvement for the lives of many millions of people there.

    By dogcow697 years ago
    Milton Friedman Institute, a multidisciplinary research outpost attracting million-dollar donations from corporations and the wealthy.Friedman was responsible for the Pinochet regime's economic theories, and bloody coup against the government of Salvador Allende in 1973. At least 30,000 Chileans were killed during the coup and in the following years ,although no one can be sure of the actual number, since many people were disappeared and never heard of again. 400,000 people were tortured according to some estimates, and one million Chileans were forced to flee the country and go into exile.
    By khallaghi7 years ago